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Digital tools helping companies and financials institutions
measure and improve their sustainability according to the Taxonomy law & regulations

EU Taxonomy

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Sustainability Platform

for alignment of Taxonomy Data

GSES Taxonomy rating platform is an SaaS platform enabling companies and financial institutions to generate and access standardised, company level data.

Our digital tools process the data to help stakeholders drive sustainable business activities, management objectives and investment decisions.

EU Taxonomy
The EU Taxonomy is the new legally binding screening standard for EU corporate non-financial reporting and sustainable finance products. Using the EU taxonomy as our benchmark, the GSES Taxonomy rating platform empowers stakeholders to create and gather granular Taxonomy aligned, standardised data for theiir entity and to manage regulatory discosures.

SASB Standards (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board)
The Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is an independent nonprofit organization that sets standards to guide the disclosure of financially material sustainability information by companies to their investors. SASB Standards identify the subset of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues most relevant to financial performance in each of 77 industries. SASB aslo provides education and other resources that advance the use and understanding of its Standards.

GSES Meta Standard (certification data)
GSES Meta Standard collects data of certified organisation of more then 150 global scheme operators that is calculated into an ESG and Sustainability rating. This certification data is used to enable implementation of certification data into the Taxonomy calculations, saving the users of the GSES Taxonomy platform time, effort and costs.

Connecting all actors

Creating, certifying, sharing and analysing Taxonomy aligned data requires involvement from all stakeholders.  Corporate data is going to be verified by independent third parties. Investors and lenders need access to verified data from the companies they invest in or borrowers. The network of stakeholders can become very complex.

The GSES Taxonomy platform facilitates automated interaction and coordination between all stakeholders to ensure the Taxonomy aligned data is collected and verified fast & efficient.


Easily perform your company’s activity screening, calculate your Taxonomy alignment by Turnover, Capex and Opex with verification from a qualified third party.


Use Taxonomy aligned data directly from the companies in your portfolio to:

  • Automatically execute Taxonomy screening of portfolios
  • Generate disclosure reports
  • Proactively manage the sustainability impact of your investments

Worldwide audit & verification network

  • Streamline and accelerate the verification of your clients’ Taxonomy aligned data
  • Automatically deliver certification reports digitally to the GSES Taxonomy rating platform to be accessed by all authorized stakeholders
  • Audit companies on taxonomy & SASB data

Enable Global Sustainable
Asset Management


Integrate ESG & Sustainability factors into the entire life of a loan, from loan application through periodic loan review

Screen the Taxonomy alignment of each individual loan or the overall loan book to manage sustainability lending impact against policy objectives

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The Wait Is Finally Over

This platform empowers companies and financial institutions to integrate sustainability according to the EU Taxonomy & SASB Standards