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A digital tool assisting companies and financial institutions to measure and improve their sustainability performance accordingly to the EU Taxonomy Law & Regulations.

EU Taxonomy

The World’s Sustainability Platform

for alignment of Taxonomy Data

As a recognized automated platform to rate, verify and certify organizations, products and projects for their sustainability performance; we have expanded our expertise to assist financial institutions to comply with the EU Taxonomy Law & SASB standards: the GSES Taxonomy Rating.

It is a digital tool (SaaS platform) that help companies and particularly financial institutions to measure and report their sustainability accordingly to the EU Taxonomy Law & SASB standards. Here, you can generate, access, manage and report your standardized company level data. All in one solution.

This way, we help you in your transition to drive sustainable business activities, set ambitious goals and investment decisions; while complying with regulatory obligations.

The Global Sustainable Taxonomy Systems Benchmarks:

EU Taxonomy
The EU Taxonomy Law establishes a legally-binding screening framework in the shape of a classification system, in which business can understand whether a certain economic activity can be considered “sustainable or not”. The EU Taxonomy Law falls into the EU Green Deals umbrella and aims to assist countries and businesses in their transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

Using the EU Taxonomy as a benchmark, the GSES Taxonomy Rating empowers stakeholders to create, gather and manage aligned information for their entity, and therefore, manage their regulatory disclosures.
For that, we present a consistent and comprehensive questionnaire based on the 6 objectives under the law – climate mitigation; climate adaptation; protection of water and marine; circular economy; pollution; biodiversity and ecosystems.

SASB Standards (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board)
The Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is an independent nonprofit organization that sets standards to guide the disclosure of financial-related materials on sustainability information by companies to their investors.
Through our partnership, we have built a digital experience to gather financial oriented information and translate it into key sustainability metrics that are applicable to 77 different industrial sectors.

As an additional tool, this can fortify your sustainable claims.
From one side, we have facilitated and automated the data collection and on the other side we enabled this information to be better evaluated in sustainability terms. This is our point of departure also for the GSES Taxonomy Rating.

GSES Meta Standard (certification data)
The GSES Meta Standard gathers data concerning certification organizations, labels and scheme operators worldwide. It unifies every sustainability rating in the world, all of which are validated through independent certifying bodies who are under accreditation – (e.g. ISO certification). We recognize the presence of these labels and understand that they have something to say regarding sustainability. This information is used to enable implementation of certification data also into the Taxonomy calculations, saving time, effort and costs to our users.

Connecting all actors

Creating, certifying and analyzing taxonomy aligned data requires the active involvement and integration from all relevant stakeholders. As a result of the regulatory burden imposed by the EU Taxonomy Law, different data and organizations are due to interplay in a complex environment.

The GSES Taxonomy Rating allows a smoothy integration of the different actors, enabling an automated cooperation and harmonization of practices among all of them. To guarantee the coherence of information, your data is verified by third part accountant specialists.
Fast, efficient & verified.


Easily translate your company’s sustainability performance into the Taxonomy requirements.
Align your annual revenues, turnover, CAPEX and OPEX numbers in only one place with verification given from a qualified third party.


Use Taxonomy aligned data directly from the companies in your portfolio to:

  • Automatically execute Taxonomy screening of portfolios
  • Generate disclosure reports
  • Proactively manage the sustainability impact of your investments

Worldwide audit & verification network

  • Harmonize, organize and facilitate the verification of your client’s Taxonomy related data
  • Automatically generate reports aligned to the EU Taxonomy in the GSES Platform, and allow it to be accesses by authorized stakeholders
  • Screen companies activities on EU Taxonomy Law & SASB standards

Enable Global Sustainable Asset Management


Integrate ESG & Sustainability factors into the entire life of a loan, from loan application through periodic loan review.

Screen the Taxonomy alignment of each individual loan or the overall loan book to manage sustainability lending impact against policy objectives.

Trusted Users of the GSES System

Global Sustainable Taxonomy System

This platform empowers companies and financial institutions to integrate sustainability according to the EU Taxonomy & SASB Standards