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Find risk in your apps before it returns to haunt you

Nothing keeps application security leaders up at night like the fear of hidden risk. The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform helps bring continuous, proactive security to apps before and after they ship.


Security never stops

Your applications are only as secure as the code in which they are written–and they must earn the trust of your customers, day in and day out. Bugcrowd provides Penetration Testing as a Service, Bug Bounty, and other proactive cybersecurity solutions on a single platform so you can:

  • Extend your team with specialized skill sets on demand
  • Find hidden vulnerabilities before attackers do
  • Remediate in your SDLC before/after products ship

Create layered application security

The Bugcrowd Platform lets you take a continuous, lifecycle approach to application security, running pen tests of various intensities, continuous or on-demand bug bounties, and other solutions in a fully integrated, orchestrated way during development and after deployment.


Create rich, custom integrations

Rich APIs and webhooks are available for building custom integrations between the Bugcrowd Platform and your environment. For example, you may want to complement Bugcrowd notifications with metadata or contextual information from other systems.


Rely on best-in-class triage

Scanners, traditional pen tests, and legacy bug bounty tools are noisy, leaving you in the dark about how to prioritize. Instead, the Bugcrowd Platform does rapid, accurate validation and triage for vulnerabilities as they are reported (with 24/7 tracking of P1s), even at Log4J scale.

"Our traditional AppSec practices produce great results early on, but the breadth and depth of the Crowd really secures our development lifecycle. Multiplying the specialization of a bounty hunter by the size of the Crowd just can’t be replicated."
Daniel Grzelak, Head of Security, Atlassian
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Our Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report explains everything you want to know about who ethical hackers are, what motivates them and how your security teams can best collaborate with them.

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