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Exceeding cybersecurity company standards

Products from security companies have a high bar to meet–and that makes them targets for ambitious attackers. Do everything proactively possible to find and fix hidden flaws before they strike.


Protect your security brand

In security, your solutions protect your customers’ most valued data—so any breaches you suffer do double the damage to your brand. The Bugcrowd Platform helps you avoid being blindsided by precisely bringing the right security researchers and deep insights about industry-specific vulnerabilities into your existing workflows.

  • Expose critical vulns that traditional testing cannot see
  • Build proactive security into your SDLC 
  • Use layered security and a multi-solution platform

Demonstrate security ROI

As your product innovation expands, so do attack surfaces. And while you have numerous tools and practices to safeguard company and customer data, how do you measure ROI for your customers? The Bugcrowd Platform delivers far more critical vulnerability findings than alternatives, ensuring that you get the results you need to prove security ROI.


Go beyond compliance

In security, your business depends on trust. You have to prove to customers that their systems and data are secure. Bugcrowd Pen Testing as a Service and other solutions help you do that by streamlining compliance with regulations and security best practices. So you can build security products your customers trust. 


Shift left for continuous risk reduction

With the rise of agile development processes, conventional point-in-time security testing methods are becoming less effective. The Bugcrowd Platform flows vulnerability findings into your existing tools and processes—along with insights and guidance on secure coding—making it easier to get fixes into products earlier, faster, and continuously.

“The way that Bugcrowd has developed their platform and still allowed us access to researchers has created a clean, low friction interface between our teams and freed us to focus on issues that will make an impact on our security posture.”
Dave Farrow, Senior Director, Information Security, Barracuda
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Priority One Report

Our Priority One Report focuses on vulnerability trends across industries, reflecting growing security researcher activity on our platform, including submission volume, severity and type.

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