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Close M&A deals with your eyes open

In M&A, what you don’t know can come back to haunt you. Uncover and prioritize hidden risk to help you close deals with confidence, on schedule.


Secure your investments

The clock is ticking. You need thorough, trusted coverage—and fast. Bugcrowd M&A assessments are minimally disruptive solutions that bring the right security researchers and deep insights about industry-specific vulnerabilities into your workflows so due diligence is done right.

  • Inventory assets and prioritize risk in under three weeks
  • Have complete, real-time visibility into findings
  • Get remediation advice pre- and post-deal close

Avoid deal-breaking surprises

Last minute security issues can kill a deal—or cost you big time if you miss them completely. Powered by the Bugcrowd Platform, M&A Assessments combine Pen Testing as a Service with the advanced discovery and risk analysis capabilities of Bugcrowd Attack Surface Management (ASM) to keep M&As secure and on schedule.


Know exactly what you’re acquiring

Not all M&A risk assessments are alike. With Bugcrowd, you get evidence-based recommendations on whether a partner’s security posture introduces risk, what those risks are and what it will take to address them. Comprehensive executive-level reporting helps you make informed decisions.


Reduce M&A risk—continuously

Bugcrowd monitoring and reporting starts on the first day of your assessment. The platform provides detailed, prioritized, and actionable findings and recommendations, integrated directly into your dev and security processes for rapid implementation. Post M&A, Bug Bounty and VDP solutions help you reduce risk on an ongoing basis.

“Security teams are often given little notice of an M&A event. M&A Assessment rapidly provides the acquiring company with immediate insights into an acquiree’s security posture, allowing them to make a ‘go/no-go’ decision on the M&A deal.”
Charles Valentine, former Head of Security, Indeed
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Priority One Report

Our Priority One Report focuses on vulnerability trends across industries, reflecting growing security researcher activity on our platform, including submission volume, severity, and type.

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