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Continuous, proactive security for marketplace apps

Marketplaces and app stores make shopping fast and easy. Unfortunately, they do the same for ID and credit card theft when not thoroughly secured. Being proactive about cybersecurity is not optional.


Make marketplaces more secure

Marketplaces have little control over flaws in hundreds of third-party apps, creating the risk of malware attacks. The Bugcrowd Platform helps marketplaces and app developers avoid being blindsided by engaging precisely the right security researchers and leveraging deep insights about specific vulnerabilities into existing workflows.

  • Proactively and continuously assess third-party apps
  • Depend on risk reduction at scale
  • Build customer trust in marketplace security

Reduce risk for marketplace owners

Bugcrowd is the ideal solution for continuously reducing risk across app marketplaces. With Pen Testing as a Service, Bug Bounty, and other solutions running in parallel, marketplace owners can meet compliance and risk reduction goals while maintaining 24/7 visibility into ecosystem vulnerabilities and trends.


Earn user trust for app developers

With our marketplace cybersecurity solution, apps that get scrutiny from the Crowd via the Bugcrowd Platform are approved faster and earn a “Secured by Bugcrowd” badge. Prioritized findings flow directly into their existing SDLC processes for rapid remediation.


Operate at ecosystem scale

The Bugcrowd Platform offers access to a global community of trusted security researchers—with the right talent activated for your precise needs at the right time—to provide the scale that app marketplaces require. Meanwhile, the findings are deeper and more impactful than alternatives can deliver.


“Our bug bounty program with Bugcrowd has allowed us to leverage the collective expertise of the security industry to build better products. With Bugcrowd for Marketplaces, we’re excited to extend those efforts to a very important part of our business: the Atlassian Marketplace.”
Adrian Ludwig, CISO at Atlassian
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Priority One report

Priority One Report

Our Priority One Report focuses on vulnerability trends across industries, reflecting growing security researcher activity on our platform, including submission volume, severity and type.

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