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Data-driven hacker selection and activation for better crowdsourced security results, every time.


Dramatic results from hacker engagement – delivered by data & AI

After managing thousands of successful programs, we know the formula for success – and now deliver it to you as CrowdMatch.


Less noise

CrowdMatch reduces more noise than manual approaches by increasing the number of valid submissions per program by 70%, on average.


More critical vulnerabilities

CrowdMatch-selected hackers find 2x more critical vulnerabilities than those engaged through random, high-volume invitations.


Higher hacker rewards

The more productive engagement created by CrowdMatch leads to a 82% increase in average payout for hackers – creating a flywheel for better long-term results.


Pen testing at scale

CrowdMatch unlocks pen testing at scale by accessing our deep talent bench on demand, and enables easy tester rotation whenever needed.

CrowdMatch Internals

Assessing skills and performance over time

The “hacker matching” AI algorithm inside CrowdMatch evaluates the entire portfolio of a hacker’s performance and experiences on the Bugcrowd Platform – including Points and Rewards Earned, Skills, Report Volume, Report and Communication Quality, Testing Accuracy, Depth of Testing, and Aggregate Report Impact – and continually updates its assessments based on new information. With that information, the algorithm intelligently matches a hacker team to your specific needs across 100s of dimensions.

CrowdMatch Internals

Deriving associated skills for fine-grained matching

CrowdMatch utilizes various data models that reflect our platform’s entire historical dataset (the Security Knowledge Graph), and then applies that deep vulnerability, asset, and skill set intelligence to predict a hacker’s associated skills and traits – enhancing our ability to find the right talent for your testing needs. Our data models also incorporate hacker-provided information about prior experiences, education, certifications, and self-assessments to better understand their trust score and capabilities.

CrowdMatch Internals

Unlocking continuous, data-driven improvement

CrowdMatch encodes our battle-tested approach for evaluating historical data while simultaneously ingesting and adapting our understanding of hacker preferences and performance in real time. That continuous ingestion process maximizes our ability to activate the best hackers for your program’s unique needs over time, based on your evolving success criteria and requirements.

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